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About Us

“My mission is to share the stories of those in my community who have lived, by honoring them, and by also uplifting Black-owned restaurants and cooks. With my cookbook, I hope to educate others about my community, while also showcasing the stories of those who do not have the chance to speak up for themselves.”

Sarah Mondesir, CEO

Who are we?

We are a group of High school juniors who are a part of the Marin School of Environmental Leadership, and we are all dedicated and passionate about educating our community on injustices and the healing that food brings.

How it all started

Flavor Profiles began when Sarah Mondesir decided she wanted to shed light on black women lost to police brutality. In hopes of sharing their stories, lifting up unheard voices, and helpful resources for the community, the power of food came into play.

Meet the team: