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Our CEO, Sarah Mondesir, was interviewed by Ten Strands, a global environmentalist magazine! Check out the article here!

Founded in December of 2021 by Sarah Mondesir, Flavor Profiles is a business dedicated to educating people about the struggles and joy that the black community faces, through stories and recipes. As a business, we aim to spread stories of both the brutality and trauma that police inflict on the black community. We also aim to inform people of the role that food and heritage have played in the black community and the role it played in the lives of these victims of police brutality, as well as the impact that it has upon the community now. We will be releasing a book named The Flavor Profiles – a storytelling cookbook that teaches both of the history of police brutality, and of the role of food in the lives of people through the eyes of those whose families have been affected. 

Flavor Profiles is also dedicated to giving back to our community, and thus, we have lots of plans, most notably community-oriented events in partnership with local black restaurateurs focused on creating environmentally-sustainable food. We will also be donating a chunk of our proceeds to families who have been affected by police brutality, as well as helping them raise money through their individual efforts. Equity is a huge focus of our business, and our main goal is to educate and inspire. As CEO Sarah Mondesir states, “My goal is to make sure that people grasp a deeper understanding of the trauma and violence that the police force inflicts.”